House Jerovel

Seat: Ameris
Symbol: Methantilar (dragon, literally magic-lizard)
Tanni: Telebar Jerovel
Traditional Allies: House Hesh, House Daruba, House Kunar
Tanni Profile: Telebar Jerovel can trace his ancestry back to Thulian dynasty through the line of the Dragon Knight, a famous scion of the Thulians who led the party that slew the dragon Atabraxia. It is said that when Atabraxia lay dying, she honored the skill of the Dragon Knight by passing some of her essence on to him. The Dragon Knight manifested a talent for magic thereafter, a trait that has passed through the generations. Though the Dragon Knight was not in the line of succession, the House he founded commanded respect from then on.

Telebar is considered a great warrior and one of the most renowned commanders in the field. His gift with magic is the lesser gift, which he has turned toward the arts of the Methaida Naladar (Wizard Slayers). It is said that he personally led the troops down into the Blight near Ameris and slew the lich with his own hand.

Telebar is tall, athletic, and quite handsome, but he is also a man of action who has only modest patience. He is also not known to be skilled in the Great Game, honing steel more than his tongue and suffering the intrigues of court only grudgingly. Those that follow him do so because he achieves results and commands respect, not because of flowery words. Telebar is known to desire to ascend to the throne, but he has been forced to tread lightly lest he repeat the mistakes of the Dragon War. While not afraid to apply force or the threat of force to get his way, Telebar has largely worked towards rule through accomplishments. It is said that he can become aggravated by those he calls “spiders” weaving their webs of intrigue and he can sometimes be stern and short of temper.

Telebar is known to favor drink and earnest conversation. He is faithful and devout, at least in public, and dotes on his wife if rumors are to be believed. For entertainment, he primarily indulges tournaments and fights in the arena. He personally trains his men during his spare moments and leads campaigns against Ursus and Arai raiders periodically.

House Jerovel

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