Jura is perhaps the greatest of the living Arai shamans. Three times he and his compatriots, Ran and Sun, saved the world from impending threats, though in each instance the nature and scope of the threat was little known to the world. Indeed, the trio is more well known for their other deeds. Following the final death of Ran and Sun in battle against the Nezuran Matoshli Ramesa, Jura retreated from the world.

Though he did not participate in the events of the Jendarim War, he sensed the drain of the towers on the magic of the world. Fearing the effect of this on the Wall of Storms and the Sentinels, he traveled East and found the Wall of Storms gone and the sentinels weakening. After much divination and contemplation, he resolved to find and train a new group of heroes to confront the threat.

Excerpt from the Diary of Ran:

“Jurah was tall and wise, but he was never bedded. Sun and I tried many a times to find Jurah a woman, but he refused. In fact deep in the Punjah, I had found a rare Orange Punjali Egg, and we asked Jurah to bed it, but he did not. Instead he ate it. Ever since Sun and I are very scared of Jurah, because he eats babies.”


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