A Yadaran shaman, which is already unusual, known to live as a hermit in the mountains and woods of the eastern reach. Amongst the Yadarans she is known as Haradina the Witch or the Witch of the Woods. To the Arai she is known as the Lady of the Snows or Haradina the Green.

Her goals and agenda are unknown, though the Yadarans generally view her as a harbinger of woe. Still, she can travel unmolested as she causes no visible harm and is known to command great magic. The Arai, on the other hand, generally celebrate the arrival of Haradina as she usually heals the sick and entertains the children with small spells.

The heroes encountered her at the Keep at Orisa, where she passed a message and chastised Rashanu and Kur-Dan, exhorting them to become better men. The message was, “The fisherman bade me bring word, befriend a Tanni, call the houses, and win the great game.”

“Blessed be Haradina, for surely no one but her could vex Kur-Dan into a great warlord hero…a leader of men, of a multitude of many races he had become…because of Haradina. She is the best thing to come along since the invention of the grakha.” – excerpts from the Travels of Shir


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