The Vel Blade

The original sword of Ran

weapon (melee)

The weapon is a grakha with two asu-taru stone slots and abilities that scale with the user. The currently unlocked properties are as follows:

  • Invulnerable (the weapon cannot be destroyed normally)
  • Two damage dice increases (1d12)
  • +3 Enhancement bonus
  • Crush 2
  • +6 holy damage
  • Frenzy (d6 roll of 6 on hit weapon gives a free attack, -5 to fumble recovery checks. Bonus attacks cannot proc frenzy)
  • 19-20 crit
  • +2 enhancement bonus to crit result rolls
  • Nezuran Bane (Nezurans slain by the Vel blade cannot be resurrected)
  • One free weapon parry per round
  • If you crit against a target protected from crits, roll another d20. If the second roll is also a crit, you bypass their protection.

Originally just a mundane grakha (sword of the Vel), over the course of many adventures the blade became magical and eventually an artifact. It was shattered during Ran’s final battle against a Nezuran in the Punraji jungles, but it has been reassembled by Ran’s grandson, Shir. To the Vel, the weapon is known as Grakharan, but to Shir and Ran it is simply known as The Vel Blade.

The Vel Blade

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