Staff of Araneb

Staff of the Lich Araneb


An ornate staff that seems at odds with the decaying hands that last bore it, this wizard’s tool is of Nezuran make and has the following properties:

  • Invulnerable (cannot be destroyed by normal means)
  • +1 enhancement bonus to Incantation checks
  • +4 enhancement bonus to spell damage
  • Saves against spells cast while holding the staff suffer a -1 penalty
  • +1 enhancement bonus to Magic Resistance
  • Harden Shield (shield spell has DR 5)

A staff born by the Lich Araneb, a Nezuran who was punished with undeath and forced to serve the people as a mere tool. Becoming a lich diminishes Nezurans, and so Araneb was a mere shadow of the true Nezura. His staff was the one he used in life.

Staff of Araneb

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