The Kaishan of Sun

weapon (melee)

The base form of this weapon is a Kaishan, but it can instantly change into any other weapon as an act of will. If not held, it will change back into a Kaishan after a few hours. The weapon is also virtually impossible for anyone to lift save a descendant of Sun. The weapon scales with the user and the following properties have been unlocked:

  • Invulnerable (weapon cannot be destroyed normally)
  • Damage die increase (the damage die/dice of any weapon it is made into is increased one step or +3 unarmed damage)
  • +3 enhancement
  • +4 Crush
  • +6 Fire Damage
  • Increase the threat range for critical hits by one
  • Peacemaking (those in the presence of the weapon will tend to be less hostile and more open to negotiation)
  • Kreiton’s Gaze (On death, roll 1d6. On a 5+, you are resurrected at the start of your next turn)
  • Undying Sun (when resurrected, you return to life with half max hit points)

The Kaishan used by Sun against the Nezuran Ashapti Hareb during what is now known as the cycle of Sun, this weapon eventually became an artifact when Wendil merged it with a Trangyar blade known as peacebringer. The weapon bears the design of a dragon inlaid with precious metals and gemstones. The weapon was lost during Sun’s last battle, flung hundreds of miles eastward in the explosion that accompanied the death of the Nezuran.


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