Braided Staff of Evendaloth

A branch from Evendaloth, the Tree-Father


The staff is a supernatural artifact. The weapon scales with the user and the following properties have been unlocked:

  • Invulnerable (weapon cannot be destroyed normally)
  • +10 enhancement power bonus
  • All powers with both the Transformation and Boon key words cost one less AP to use
  • When in Bren form the bearer gains hit points equal to his level, when in any other animal form he deals bonus damage equal to 1/3 his level
  • All powers with Transformation and Boon key words last for 30 minutes now instead of 5 minutes
  • Force of Nature (When two SE users channel all of their SE into the staff, it unleashes a devastating attack against structures or energy barriers. This has no tactical use)
  • Venomous (Your natural attacks while transformed deal +4 poison damage)
  • Rebirth (On death, roll 1d6. On a 6 you are returned to life at the start of your next turn with 5 hit points. You may roll at the start of each of your turns until you roll a 6 or a 1. If you roll a 1, you may make no further checks until resurrected by other means)

Utog received the staff from Evendaloth, the Tree-Father, after speaking with the great spirit. This supernatural artifact was grown from Evendaloth’s own branches, braided together by the spirit to form a single six foot long staff.

Braided Staff of Evendaloth

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