Armor of the Implacable

Enchanted Plate Armor


Plate armor of Yadaran manufacture with the following properties:

  • Self-Repairing and Magical Resize
  • Masterwork (reduce armor check penalty by one)
  • Improved Maneuverability (increase maximum dex of armor by one)
  • Crafted from Telperion (+50% AV and AR)
  • +2 enhancement bonus to armor
  • +4 enhancement bonus to Strength and Constitution
  • Restorative Defense (upon being hit, armor restores one fatigue point on a 1d6 roll of a 6)

This suit of plate armor was crafted and enchanted for the Kithana (Knight) Ulduani. Ulduani began his career as a simple knight in the service of House Kunar, but a chance meeting with a high wizard led to the discovery of his latent minor magical gift. Ulduani later trained at the Wizard’s College at Marathea as a wizard slayer (methaida naladar). Through exemplary service to his liege he rose through the ranks and eventually earned this armor as a reward for slaying the necromancer Datheso.

Armor of the Implacable

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