"Embrace the natural world. By subjugating it, you will only bring a slow death to the civilization that you hold so dear."


A long time ago…

His father was a highly-respected professor of magic who specialized in the study of Oguran history and the old faith. He left on an expedition to investigate rumors of ancient temple ruins tied to the old faith, but was never seen again. Several years after, stories of a crazy old man and reports of people seeing a spirit of the swamp began emerging.

He has been raised alone by his father in the Orhees Ganim. He never knew his mother, and his father claims he is the son of Gagari. He has been taught to have a strong distrust of civilization. He has been told that civilization wants to hunt down magic users and enslave them, and that the peoples of the cities only seek to spoil the wilds. Growing up, he has had no contact with civilization or other people for that matter. He generally dislikes people and civilization, but is strangely curious about it, as well.

Cut to the present…

Utog still distrusts those who embrace civilization so readily, but his worldview has been slowly changed through the advice of others and especially, his recent experiences in the Twilight Gardens. The Gardens have shown him that civilization and nature can co-exist, and nature can even enhance civilization. In his own view, the problem now is that people have allowed their connection to nature to atrophy, and through lack of stewardship, civilization has corrupted itself.

Utog sees it as his duty to re-connect the people and their cities to nature. He will help lead the people back to a harmonious coexistence of nature and civilization.


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