Kur Shir, the descendant of Ran, Arai in build, Sidd in training, Vel in soul...


Shir, the descendant of the Great Ran, grew up happily in the Vel Village playing with various Vel, Arai, and (poor) Sidd kids living nearby. Shir often played games recalling the tales of his grandfather Ran, taking on the role of Ran, Sun, or Jurah during the days of their adventuring and saving all of existence from ancient and not-so-ancient evils.

Shir’s happy life came to an end when the Missouran witch and her Khui-Arduk attacked the Vel Village. Unfortunately Kur Dan of the Sidd Army and his forces would do nothing while these evil beasts ripped apart the villagers. Setting himself upon a path of revenge against the Missouran Witch, Shir trains hard every day to see to an end of her evil ways and to protect the world from the Missouran threat.

Unfortunately Great Uncle Jurah has placed him in a group of misfits, drunks, womanizers, and mutants (Tima). The future does not bode well for young Shir as he needs to slowly groom these unlikely underdogs into a toughened force of brave heroes.


Abderaz MingChi