Adventures 36-38: The Dragon's Road

Having located the secret entrance per Wendil’s instructions, but they find a riddle inscribed on the door in runic. After much deliberation, they eventually play a note on a violin summoned by Rasha, causing the door to open. With the door open, the heroes begin their journey through the secret passage into the Mizlan known as the Dragon’s Road. Though Wendil indicated Ran, Sun, and Jura once used this very same passage, Kur-Dan’s sword bears no memory of this journey.

Several days into the tunnel the heroes encounter thick webbing filling the passage from floor to ceiling. Nacu restrains his first impulse to set fire to the webs once he realizes setting fire to so much material in an enclosed space might not be a good idea. As they carefully cut their way through the webs, the heroes remain alert for the spiders or whatever it is that spun the webs. There caution pays off when large deathshead spiders attack them from side passages and the front. The battle is short as the heroes make quick work of the opposition. In the lair of the spiders the heroes find the remains of an adventuring party that was less fortunate than they. Amongst their possessions is a sealed scroll case containing piece of parchment with a few lines of strange verse written on it.

The heroes travel many days more until eventually they reach a set of doors with three articulated dragon statues in front of it. Remembering the parchment, the heroes eventually figure out that the dragon statues need to be posed as described in the story on the parchment. Beyond the doors, they encounter a series of undead opponents and gather the pieces to open a larger set of doors. Beyond this set of doors they encounter Senethrax, a dracolich who claims to have been defeated by Ran, Jura, and Sun. Seeking his vengeance, the dracolich and his skeletal minions attack, and a long battle ensues, concluding finally with the dracolich’s destruction. Shir, being well versed in matters of the undead, says they need to find and destroy the creature’s phylactery. Eventually Nacu finds it and destroys it with concentrated flame.

The heroes press on and a few days later they exit the tunnel and enter the Mizlan. They are created by Khadan, who claims to be the leader of a resistance movement. He says someone named Wandal indicated heroes would emerge here to help overthrow the current regime. After a short conversation, the heroes follow Khadan north for several days, at which point Khadan asks the heroes to prove themselves by freeing members of the resistance being held in a nearby outpost. Agreeing to help, Shir scouts the compound and the heroes form a vague plan. Some wonder why the outpost has the prisoners, but they do not think on it too deeply.

When they attack, the heroes emerge from a tunnel created by Nacu and they storm the compound. Rasha attacks form the front while Utog swoops from the skies. When the battle is truly joined, a squad of plate armored Dar-Guhal, a wizard, and a demon emerge springing a trap likely meant for any rebels who might try to rescue their compatriots. After a brutal battle, the heroes manage to emerge victorious, freeing the prisoners.



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