Adventure 9: First Opportunity

The heroes, forced to choose between defending their employer or handing him over to Svarda Namreshi, find themselves in a moral quandary. After some heated conversation, a battle ensues as the Svarda and his men descend on the wagons. The heroes are hard-pressed, but eventually break out and cut down the surrounding archers. The Svarda’s heavy armor and shield make him a much harder nut to crack, but eventually magic and brute force bring him down. Amongst his things they find an enchanted clockwork bird, which they will later put to good use.

Three days later they finally arrive and Jangir and receive their hard earned money. While Bhagram thanks them for their service, he suggests that too much trouble follows them to make them desirable guards. As the group takes a few days in the city, Utog encounters the Keeper of the Ways outside the city, who thanks him for his service at the Sanctuary of Odalon.

Meanwhile, Shir sees a glowing holy symbol on the door of a house as he passes through the merchant district. Investigating, he engages in a strange conversation with a shady Punjal named Baramashta. Baramashta insists he sees no symbol on his door and that he is a symbol clothing manufacturer. After roping several friends into helping him, Shir and company break into Baramashta’s house and discover that he is using children as slaves to make his wares. During the attempt to free the children, Baramashta is slain and his home is sent on fire.

The heroes then hear word that Svarda Chandreshi‘s son has gone missing and that there is a reward for his return. After inquiring, the heroes begin an investigation into the disappearance. The trail first leads to the son’s friends, Basha and Jangali, who say that they were attacked while leaving a club named Bashrai. When pressed, the two mention that they heard about the club from an “exotic goods” dealer named Kasresh. After interrogating Kasresh, he reveals that he was paid by a member of a gang called the Gloved Hand named Anjali.

After several attempts at tracking this fellow down fail, the heroes eventually bribe Nika (the beer fairy) with a keg of fine Tark. After consulting other annui in the city, Nika leads the heroes to Anjali’s home, where they interrogate him until he reveals the gang’s hangout and that their leader Ashrangi set up the kidnapping.

The heroes ambush the gang in their hideout, a bar in the poor quarter, and quickly dispatch many of them with a fiery blast from Rasha. Most of those not killed in the initial blast surrender immediately and Ashrangi is captured in a wall created by Nacu. The heroes discover that Chandreshi’s son was kidnapped by the group for a Svarda named Masrangdal, who is now holding the boy at his estate. The heroes inform Chandreshi’s people, but are told that they cannot move against Masrangdal without more solid proof; so the heroes resolve to rescue the son on their own.



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