Adventure 35: The Great Escape

With the help of Aelessa, the heroes escape their cells and begin to plot their escape. After much discussion and exploration, the heroes dress themselves as Black Vel and use illusions in an attempt to walk right out the door. However, the guard at the door indicates that they need a pass to leave, no exceptions.

The heroes decide to make their way back into the Fortress of Sorrow and forge a pass by breaking into the Captain’s room. Meanwhile, Rasha tries in vain to find an alternate way out of the Fortress. Magical wards and enchantments are thickly laid upon the walls and structures, and in many cases Rasha is not sure what they do.

Having broken into the Captains quarters, the heroes forge a pass and once more try to go out the main gate. As they cross the threshold, the illusions spells are undone and the guards immediately sound the alarm. As the guards rush the gate, the heroes strike done the door watchman and Kaz uses the key to start closing the gate, then jams the lock. The heroes hold the gateway until the doors close all the way, but a Black Vel wizard rains spells down on them from above while the Captain leaps from the wall to engage them.

The wizard summons a demon, but Shir unleashes holy power, banishing the creature. The heroes fight beneath the walls with Rasha casting spells from afar, but a volley of arrows from the towers forces him to retreat. After a brief and violent exchange, the Captain and the wizard fall.

The heroes make a dash through a hail storm of arrows, taking few hits. They eventually make it to the port, where they steal a ship, intimidating the crew into fleeing. They set fire to the remaining ships and sail to the coast, where they come ashore in the Hedrad. After some heated debate, they decide to scuttle the ship and make for Urukan. Having gathered their supplies, the heroes head north to the Dragon’s Road. As the travel north they seen a large dragon-like creature fly overhead, which Nacu recognizes as a Nezuran mount, and on its back sits a woman in gleaming armor. The heroes hide until she passes, then resume their travels until they finally reach the mountains known as the Dragon’s Teeth.



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