Adventure 33: Into the East

Having defeated the plague construct, the heroes return to the camp of Grakharan to report success. At camp, Kur-Dan procures the services of a bard named Swei Fu-Long to chronicle the deeds of Kur-Dan, dragonslayer and the misadventures of Shir, grandson of Ran.

The heroes, led by Ran, make their way to the Manor of the House of Sun to claim the promised support Ran negotiated previously. With evidence in hand, they manage to convince Lord Sun to arrange for a meeting with the Council of Maigs in An-Bruin.

Traveling for two weeks, the heroes reach An-Bruin where they proceed to shop and take care of other matters while they await a meeting with the Maigs. Rasha, visiting the local mystical wares merchant drops a load of money, making for one very happy merchant. Later that day the heroes meet with the Council of Maigs and present their case. After a few days of deliberation, the Maigs agree to provide logistical support, but few troops as the army has been devastated by the plague.

Grakharan arrives shortly after this and says that a messenger from the Elders of the Shezar-Ki brought a request that the heroes travel to Urukan and meet with them. Grakharan offers to teleport the heroes to Urukan, an offer which the reluctantly agree too.

With a flash of light the heroes arrive in Urukan and are greeted by the dry and merciless heat of the desert. Making their way into the city, the heroes meet with the Elders who say that they have had a vision; the heroes must cross the dragon’s teeth and gather the might of the lost ones to their cause. The Elders also ask the heroes to aid them by seeking out the head of a dangerous cult in the city, called the New Dawn, and removing it’s leader. Shir briefly goes on a rant, which Fu-Long dutifully records for posterity.

The heroes make their way into the city for a time to handle personal business. Kaz seeks out and finds Mahmed the Manycolored, who agrees to train him in the ways of the Aryashi if he proves himeself by performing a task. He is asked to steal the Adali Prism from a corrupt merchant. Kaz cases the merchant’s shop and speaks with the man, who appears to be a Sidd trader dealing in spices, wines, and spirits from the Dal. Nacu finds a stormlord to instruct him in their arts, a Punjal by the name of Atabusha Paranthar.

Meanwhile, Utog meets an annui named Siwei-lo-Lothli in the holy gardens, who indicates that an abomination hides in the merchant quarter. He indicates that the creature can be revealed by using a nan flower, which has a fragrance that the creature will find repulsive. Utog gathers the others, save Nacu who is training, and they head into the merchant quarter to expose the creature. As they make their way through the streets, a merchant reacts badly to the smell of the flower. The heroes are unable to conceal the fact that they noticed from the creature, so it erupts into a flailing mass of tentacles, mouths, and eyes.

Several of the heroes break in terror, but Rasha rallies them with moving words. Kaz takes the opportunity to duck into the merchants store and grab the Adali Prism during the confusion. Meanwhile, Shir stands his ground and is severely mauled by the creature before the others can engage. Finally rallying to his aid, the other heroes move in while Alessa and Rasha strike it from a nearby roof. The combined might of the heroes quickly brings the creature down. On it’s body they find a coin with a rising sun on one side and numbers etched into the back. Rasha ciphers the numbers and determines they are an address within the merchant quarter.

Moving to the address, the heroes see several people hanging outside of a home. Shir decides to speak with them and they tell him that he cannot be saved and that he will perish before the new age. Perturbed, Shir lashes out and strikes two of men down while Fu-Long records the incident. The other heroes are stunned, as they witness this from down the street, and they are not sure if they just witnessed a murder or a justified act. The survivor limps into the house and calls for help, at which point other members attack Shir. The heroes come to Shir’s aid, but are uncertain still whether or not they are on the right side. Fortunately for Shir, demons appear around them, confirming that his rash action was justified, whether he knew it or not.

Light erupts from Shir and two of the demons are instantly banished. The heroes begin dispatching the remaining creatures as a Shezar-Ki in demonic looking armor comes up from the basement. The fight is quick and relatively one-sided as the heroes cut-down the demons with holy flame, blade, and fist. Searching the home, the heroes uncover evidence the this was the New Dawn cult and that it had Nezuran support. They take the evidence to the Elders and collect a bounty for their efforts and the thanks of the Elders.



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