Adventure 32: Foul Science (Part II)

After the last surviving infiltrator fled into the farmhouse, Nacu decides to set the house ablaze. After a few minutes of argument, the house is eventually extinguished and the heroes make their way into the smoldering wreckage where they find the burnt remains of documents and a secret passage into a hidden tunnel system. Proceeding into the tunnels they are hit by a fire trap that went undetected before confronting a group of thornguard.

A long battle commences as the heroes engage the thornguard. In the heat of the battle an Shezar-Ki with strange chemical and clockwork augmentation emerges from the back door. Kaz and Shir move to engage this new threat while the heroes continue to finish off the remaining thornguard. When the strange Shezar-Ki falls, he explodes in a chemical cloud that nearly kills Shir.

Amongst the makeshift hideouts rooms the heroes discover some papers in the Nezuran’s slave language. The heroes are unable to translate, but Kaz gathers from the context and diagrams that these infiltrators created some sort of plague creature that they periodically release to reignite the disease.

Moving deeper into the tunnel system the heroes confront the abomination itself, a monstrosity stitched together from the corpses of many creatures and infused with disease causing agents. The heroes do battle with the creature and it’s spawn, helped in large part by Utog’s quick thinking in granting a disease ward to key fighters. The creature is destroyed when the heroes inject it with the curative solution they obtained from Grakharan. With that done, they set fire to it’s lair and make their way back to Grakharan’s camp.



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