Adventure 12: Kalikan and Jurha Pass

The heroes take a few days off in Kalikan to rest and resupply. A few hours outside the city the group finds a broken wagon just off the road. Amongst the wreckage Kur-Dan finds a fine bottle of Sidd Hu (wine) and he claims it for himself. After setting up camp for the evening, Dar-Guhal assassins attack the group. The assassins bring forth a demon to aid in the assault, but in the end the heroes manage to defeat them.

Another day of travel later, the heroes come across a small stage set-up along the road, looking much like a stage for puppets. Shir proclaims it must have been sent by Wendil, and promptly walks up to the stage and disappears. With reluctance, and more than a little annoyance, the others opt to follow him.

There is a flash of light and the heroes find themselves in a room, each having been transformed into a puppet version of themselves. Shir, out of curiosity, stabs Kur-Dan in the arm leave a small gash from which red yarn trickles. Kur-Dan cuffs Shir in response, nearly knocking Shir off his feet. Making their way deeper into the structure, each hero is transported to their own experience and are confronted with moral dilemmas. Most choose the path of sacrifice, if reluctantly, though there are no truly right choices.

After being reunited and sharing their experiences, the group is confronted by three doors. One is marked with a fishing hook, one with the symbol of the Sidd God Shir, and a third with a tree. Rasha, Nacu and Utog choose to walk through the tree door, while Kur-Dan pushes Shir through the fishhook door before walking into the door with the holy symbol. After another flash of light they find themselves outside and normal again and each receives a blessing from Wendil based on their choices.

The heroes continue on into the Jurha Pass and eventually encounter a Kalikan patrol under attack from a group of Hur. Utog, Nacu, and Rasha engage the Hur on the slopes while Kur-Dan and Shir help relieve the patrol on the road. After a quick skirmish the Hur are defeated and the heroes earn the thanks of the patrol.

After another few hours of travel through the pass, the heroes encounter Jura, who tells them that they must travel off the pass to the Library at Dalath, the ruins of an ancient Trangyar library. He tells them that there they will gain information they will need to known if they wish to defeat the Nezuran threat.



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