Adventure 10: Fatal Assumptions

Having concluded their investigation, the heroes scout out Svarda Masrangdal’s estate and plan their next move. After some deliberation, Kaz is sent in to investigate the house. Avoiding patrols, Kaz makes his way into the house and eventually down into the cellar, but as he makes his way deeper he trips an alarm and a trap that he failed to detect. With armored creatures with a rodent-like appearance charge towards him, he uses the shadowshroud cloak in desperation to teleport straight up. Fortunately for Kaz, he was not too deep and he appeared some five feet in the air above the ground.

Regrouping just outside the estate, the group decides to have Kaz and Shir incapacitate the guards and then have the group follow-up. Use stealth and swift attacks, Kaz and Shir take down the guards/patrols and hide their unconscious bodies.

Moving into cellar again, the group follows a passage leading into a catacomb. The hall leads to a large room with locked doors to the left and right and a central path forward. The room contains an altar to the god of the dead and offerings to the ancestors. Zekezarin, rat-like creatures known to serve the Nezura storm from the right path and attack the party. A swift but intense battle follows, but the heroes emerge victorious. The group quickly checks the right path, finding a serious of stone sarcophagi set into the walls on two tiers in a circular room. Bedrolls and other basic camping material are arrayed around the area.

After investigating the central path and bypassing a poison gas trap, the heroes come to a room with a barred iron door. They can see a large, ape-like creature with a long maw prowling in the room, which Nacu identifies as a Skrull, a creature native to Heru-Ardesh. On the other side of the room is a small cell in which they can see Rajesh trapped.

The heroes double-back and investigate the left path. Kaz unlocks the door and they make their way down the hall, which opens up into a room containing Black Vel relaxing and consulting maps on a table. The Vel are initially surprised, a fact which the heroes use to fallback to the main room and create a choke point at the hall. The Vel recover quickly and press into their groups frontline, using their shields to push the heroes back and create a breach. Once they break through, a chaotic melee ensues. The battle is difficult, as the Black Vel are all wearing plate armor, but the heroes eventually prevail. During the melee, Shir is taunted by the leader who calls himself Fistleader Kargarak, but Shir ultimately prevails. On the fistleader’s body they find a magical key.

Kaz, in a moment of inspiration, feeds one of the bodies to the Skrull and uses the distraction to unlock Rajesh’s cell. As they make their way out of the catacombs, a group of Shezar-Ki teleport in from of them, wearing armor decorated in a thorn motif. The leader, introducing himself as Thornlord Walikh, calls for the groups surrender. A brutal melee ensues, with the Thornlord unleashing magic upon the heroes, but eventually the Black Ishnah are defeated and the Thornlord teleports away when the last of his men fall.

The heroes bring Rajesh back to Svarda Chandreshi, and per Jura’s advice ask for a boon rather than payment.



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